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Roof Restorations Schofields

Roofline have been servicing the roofs of Schofields and the surrounding Sydney suburbs for over 20 years.  Delivering expert roof cleaning, roof painting and restorations services, we love to hear the positive reviews from our customers after we have transformed their home with our specialist roofing experience.

Our team of friendly, qualified, and reliable roofing experts are committed to providing high-quality roofing services.  Some of the services we provide include roof painting, restorations, cleaning, and guttering.  We use the most up to date equipment and the best available materials to make sure we deliver the most effective and long-lasting results for your property.

Our customers in Schofields know they can rely on Roofline because:

  • We are fully licenced
  • We have a dedicated team of experienced qualified professionals on your property
  • We are Sydney Based locals with extensive roofing experience and knowledge of Sydney conditions
  • We simply offer quality roofing services
  • We are roofing specialists
  • We are customer focused and provide individual attention to your roofing needs- always!
  • We offer free no obligation quotes so why not get in touch today to see how we can help you with your roofing needs.

Roofing services in Schofields

Many of our new customers come from our satisfied customers referring us!  Our high levels of customer service and expertise ensures that we have happy customers all over Sydney.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding results for all of the roofing services we provide. And we work closely with our customers to provide a personal service and ensure the most cost-effective roofing solution to meet your needs.

With over 20-years’ experience in servicing the roofs of Sydney, we back all our workmanship with a 7-year guarantee as well as a 10-year written guarantee on all materials used.

Our services range from straightforward painting or cleaning through to a complete restoration or roof replacement.

Roof Restorations

The maintenance of your roof is important.  It ensures your home is functioning properly and safely, all while it is looking it’s best.

A professional roof restoration can form part of a regular roof maintenance schedule which will help prevent major damage to your roof or your home interior.

We can provide all of our roofing services, including our roof restoration services on any type of roof, including those made of the below materials –

  • Concrete tiles
  • Metal surfaces such as Colorbond®.
  • Terracotta tiled roofs -Roofline is proud to be one of the few Australian companies that specialise in painting terracotta tiled roofs.


Roof Painting

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s important to make sure the exterior is looking it’s best, including your roof.  Roof painting is a fast and effective way to update and modernize the aesthetic of your home and make a good first impression for potential buyers.

Over time your home’s roof can become dull and lacklustre but still be in great working condition.  Painting your home’s roof can be the best way to remedy this.

A simple roof painting can-

  • Increase the value of a property
  • Extend the life of a roof
  • Increase the energy efficiency of a building
  • Significantly improve the aesthetics of a building

If you think a roof painting can help you, call Roofline today.

Roof Cleaning

As it’s always exposed to weather extremes, it’s important to have your roof cleaned, in order to maintain it.

Over time your roof will accumulate a build-up of moss, lichen or algae which can leave your home looking old and tired, as well as cause a number of maintenance issues.

high-pressure water cleaning will remove any build-up and debris, and transform the whole look of your home.  It will also help prevent drainage issues from blocked gutters.



Our team at Roofline is also qualified to complete gutter installations.  Our roof plumbers are equipped to design, build, and install your standard home guttering.

We also tailor our services to suit your specific needs, and have the ability to custom make flashings and box guttering.  Your entire roofing and guttering systems are in safe hands with Roofline.


Other roofing services available in Schofields

In addition to the above services, our customers can take advantage of the other services including:

  • Replacing and repairing fascia boards and soffits
  • Replacing and repairing gutters
  • Replacing and repairing downpipes

If you would like more information, contact one of our friendly team members today.


Work with the No.1 Roofing team

Our team here at Roofline prides itself on delivering consistent and outstanding service to every customer we work with.

We understand that your home is your biggest asset, and we make sure we leave you with amazing results every time.

Call the friendly team at Roofline to find out how we can help you today.