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Eastwood Roof Services and Restorations

Roofline have been performing roof restorations, repairs and various other roofing services in Eastwood, as well as the rest of Sydney, for more than two decades now and we’re not slowing down.

Our team of highly skilled roofing technicians are the best in the business and are able to assist you with all of your roofing needs.

We pride ourselves on always putting the customer first, by ensuring we listen, and only make recommendations on what the customer wants and what your roof actually needs.

Unlike many other roofing companies in Sydney, our team is made up of actual tradespeople who are active work in the industry and they live in the area.

We aren’t sales people, we’re here to get the job done and get it done right. Therefore, we can give accurate quotes based upon years of expertise, knowledge and experience.

Give us a call today and we can arrange an inspection on your property today.

Eastwood roofing services

Servicing both residential and commercial properties right across Sydney, our team of highly skilled tradesmen provide a wide range of roofing services such as:

  • Full roof restorations
  • Roof re-joining and painting
  • Basic roof cleaning and high-pressure cleaning
  • Complete tile replacement and repointing

We can guide you through the entire process – assisting with everything from colour, through to tiles and overall design and finish.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Healthy roof = healthy home

Your roof makes up one third of your home, so it’s super important to make sure it’s working properly – and that it looks great too.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give their roofs a second thought, until it’s time to sell, or worse, its damaged in some way due to adverse weather conditions like hail, or torrential winds.

This is why it makes sense to be proactive and call us at Roofline. We ensure your roof is in good shape, but also to carry out preventative maintenance so the integrity of your home is maintained. Costly damage to your home caused by gusty winds, heavy rain and hail can all cause structural failure which is often very expensive to repair.

Roofline can assist by inspecting your roof and letting you know if it needs any types of work, before costly repairs arise. Talk to our team today. We’re a leading roofing specialist providing the very best in roof repairs and restoration services in Eastwood.

Full Service Roofing Specialists in Eastwood

Roofline doesn’t just repair roofs. We provide a variety of services for those wanting to repair or install guttering as well as painting and cleaning.

Here’s what we can do:

Roof painting

Painting can be a quick and more affordable way of transforming your home, improving its resale value, and of course giving it a modern look without all the additional costs of a complete restoration.

We’re also one of the few companies within Australia that specialises in painting terracotta tiled roofs. We have the expertise and equipment in order to restore your terracotta tiles back to their original condition. Get your roof painted in Eastwood today.

Roof cleaning

With decades of experience, Roofline can provide fast and affordable roof cleaning services. Mould, algae and lichen not only looks bad but it can also cause damage to your home’s roofing and guttering system.

Avoid damage with regular high pressure cleaning for your home or commercial property in Eastwood.

Professional gutter installations

Roofline doesn’t just provide roof-based services. We also have extensive industry experience in the installation and assembly of guttering systems. If you’re investing towards having your roof repaired or restored, it makes sense to improve the look and finish of your guttering also.

All gutter installations are meticulously assembled and installed by qualified roof plumbers and are covered by our money back guarantee. We can also accommodate our customers with custom designs and once off requirements – ensuring your satisfaction is met.

In addition to the above services we can also:

  • Install, repair and paint fascias and barges
  • Flashing repairs and custom made box guttering
  • Custom guttering designs and installations

Having serviced more than 900 customers right across Sydney, including in Eastwood, we’ve become one of Sydney’s most trusted roofing specialists.

People rely on Roofline in Eastwood

  • We aren’t pushy salesmen. We are all hands on highly qualified roof specialists
  • We’re Sydney based and we understand the market
  • We have more than 20 years roofing experience
  • We are customer focused and provide individual attention to your roofing needs
  • We are fully licenced, insured and our work is guaranteed

If you need help with your roof in Eastwood, or anywhere else in Sydney, call us today.