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Roof Painting

It is surprising how much a professional roof painting job from Roofline can improve the overall look of your property, with the process working out considerably cheaper than a full roof restoration.

What Type of Roof is Suitable for Painting?

Painting is suitable for several common roof types, including concrete tiles and metal surfaces such as Colorbond®. Roofline is also one of the few companies in Australia that specialises in painting terracotta tiled roofs. For many years this was considered all but impossible to well, but advances in primers and sealers mean we can now promise you excellent, long lasting results.


Roofline will always offer you a full written quote, specifying the products we intend to use and giving you an estimate of the time the job will take to complete.


Dulux® – Australia’s Favourite Paint Company

When it comes to materials, many years of experience have taught Roofline that Dulux® manufacture products that cannot be beaten on performance. They tend to cost a little more up front than other brands but it is definitely an investment well worth making when you consider the long-term implications. Roofline is an accredited applicator of Dulux® paint systems.

Dulux® is the market-leader and has dedicated over 40 years to the research and development of its Australian products, in a range of taxing conditions, and the results are impressive in comparison to all other brands tested. Provided that the paints are applied according to Dulux® recommendations, Dulux® offers its own comprehensive guarantee against peeling, flaking and blistering.

Multi-Stage Painting

Dulux’s primers, undercoats and topcoats are designed to work in unison, to produce an armour-plated finish, which is crucial in protecting against extreme weather events like torrential rain and extreme temperatures.

High Performance Paint

The chemical makeup of Dulux® exterior paints guarantees that they boast high opacity and are inherently resistant to moulds and other stains. Furthermore, they are resistant to UV damage, reflecting light and retarding the colour-fading process, which is an unavoidable consequence of exposure to the harsh Australian sun. The technology in these paints keeps your roof looking pristine for as long as possible.

Painting Stages

There are several distinct and equally important stages to a roof painting job, which Roofline tradesmen always follow to the letter. They also closely adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to drying times between coats. The introduction of water-based acrylics have led to these times being significantly shortened, which in turn reduces the cost to you.

Stage 1

The initial roof painting stage consists of sweeping the roof down and removing any loose debris; moss, fungi, lichen, leaves, bird droppings etc. The surface is then professionally cleaned using a specialised jet-washer (see our Roof Cleaning section). This should ensure a smooth and clean surface, ready for the next stage.

Stage 2

The second stage involves the application of a Dulux® Acratex Roof Sealer®, which prevents the next coat from seeping into porous or chalky tiles by adding a deep-penetrating resin and providing a sound base. With modern fully glazed terracotta tiles for example, means that we often need to apply an additional coat of special glass-based sealer to this type of roof. This is then left to ‘cure’ for two days before the next coat is applied.

Stage 3

Once the undercoat stage is completed we spray on a base-coat of Dulux® 962 Roof Membrane. This is a tough, water-based, acrylic product, which is specially formulated so that it will not contaminate run-off water used for drinking purposes. It also provides a highly resilient finish that can cope with extremely high temperatures. It can be safely used on concrete, terracotta and metal roofs with equally impressive results.

Stage 4

Finally, we apply a topcoat of the same product, which is available in a variety of colours to match your home’s exterior. The full process cannot be rushed and we take care to ensure each coat has fully dried before applying the next, as failure to do so could lead to problems like blistering, cracking and peeling. Once these 4 stages have been completed, our tradesmen will clean the area leaving your premises spotless.