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Love Thy Neighbour

Roofline are working hard on breaking one of our old records, we have just completed in a quiet street at Seven Hills our forth consecutive home. Yes four in a row. Neighbours talk…Right?? It was definitely the case here, and I don’t think it was a case of keeping up with the Jones’s either…

It was simply a case of seeing first hand our attention to detail, our professional approach and quality workmanship. You don’t get four homes in a row if you are doing something wrong. The only problem was which colour should they choose, something original or something like next door. For the record we did three Charcoal Grey’s and one Rivergum Green.

While we are truely excited about pushing towards a new record, the old record still stands in a little cul-de-sac in Baulkham Hills. Six homes, all adjoining each other, this may be hard to beat but rest assured we will keep trying.

Contact us today if you would like to take a trip past and view our quality firsthand.