The finish provided from a reputable applicator will far exceed that of someone less experienced. Film thickness is essential to the longevity of the coating, skimp here and you will find your colour fading away sooner than you think. While some tradies may try to save a buck or two by not applying the correct amount of membrane, it’s the customer who is left well short.

Roof painting and roof restoration are two different things and often confused. While restorations include cleaning, recoating and all repairs such as repointing and rebedding. A simple roof paint is usually just that. A clean, a seal and a re-colour. Costs are kept down by the labour not involved with the sometimes costly repairs. With that said, roof painting is popular with someone who has perhaps previously had their roof repairs carried out, or their roof isn’t that old and in disrepair. Don’t be roped in by cheap adverts, a good quality coating costs more, but it’s worth a few extra dollars to ensure that the job lasts.

Stage 1.

To enable the roof painting to be successful, like everything, preparation is the key. For the roof paint to bond and stay that way professional roof cleaning is carried out, prior to the sterilizer and sealer being applied. If the roof isn’t cleaned correctly the coating will not adhere and could peel or blister.

To enable the roof painting to be successful, like everything, preparation is the key.

Stage 2.

In preparation an antifungal solution is applied to the tiles, followed by a Dulux appropriate roof sealer or primer. Depending on the surface and the porosity of the individual tile. With terracotta tiles an additional glass glaze sealer will be applied. The bond here is key to the success and overall finish.

An antifungal solution is applied, followed by either a sealer or primer.

Stage 3.

Once undercoated a base coat of colour is then applied, followed by a topcoat of the same Dulux 962 roof membrane. By using an accredited Dulux applicator you can guarantee the product has been applied to their specifications, this ensures longevity and a quality finish. Shortcutting by using anything less can leave a flat or inconsistent inferior finish. Don’t trust anything less than the market leading Dulux for your home.

A base coat of colour is then applied, followed by a top coat of the same membrane.

Stage 4.

While there are various products on the market, we find that the Dulux is far superior to anything else available within the industry today.  It is also the most expensive, however we find that best available materials are paramount in roof painting. Saving a few bucks now will inevitably end up costing you more down the track. Trust Dulux and Roofline for all your roof painting requirements.

While there are various products on the market,  we find that the Dulux to be far superior to anything else.

Tips for Repainting Colorbond Roofs

Colorbond is a steel product that is popular as a roofing material. It’s a particular favourite with renovators and builders for its style and eco-friendly reputation. Colorbond is versatile and can go well with other roofing elements such as fascia, guttering, and downpipes.

While known for its durability, weathering can cause Colorbond to fade over time. Sometimes within 10 years. When the time comes to repair the roof, homeowners can choose to add a layer of paint to boost the colour and visual impact of their roofing, or the roof may be replaced altogether but this can be expensive.

Those looking to repaint their roof should seek advice from a professional roof painter to ensure that the new coating is suited for their roof. Specifically, homeowners should choose someone who is experienced with Colorbond repainting for best results.

The roof painter should advise of the best materials to use. Remember to check out any roof painting credentials, experience, previous work and make certain they are fully insured.