Harmful chemicals like chlorine and acid can have a detrimental effect on your gutters and surrounding property. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. An appropriate roof cleaning solution is essential to a positive result. Applied first before the pressure wash, this holds the key to a longer lasting cleaner roof.

Too often you see a dirty tired roof letting down the overall appeal of someone’s home or renovation. A simple roof clean carried out by professionals, using safe cleaning products can revitalize the look of your home. We will bring your roof back and give it a fresh lease of life.

Stage 1.

Unsightly mould, moss and lichen stains can make your terracotta tiles and home look old and unsightly. Our simple process can restore your tiles back to their original condition without the huge cost of replacement.

Over time moss and lichen can grow on terracotta tiles making the unsightly  

Stage 2.

An environmentally friendly biodegradable sterilizing solution is applied to loosen the moss and lichen, and kill any spores that may be embedded in the tile. Be careful of companies using harsh chemicals or acid, as this will damage your guttering and surrounding surfaces. This process is essential to stop premature regrowth.

An environmentally friendly biodegradable sterilizing solution is applied to loosen the moss and lichen  

Stage 3.

The pressure cleaning is then carried out, experience essential, as specialized techniques are required. This ensures no internal damage through flooding is caused. Once the roof cleaning is complete the roof and surrounding areas (including neighbours if required) are rinsed clean. Roof cleaning is best left for highly experienced tradesman.

The roof cleaning is then undertaken with a high pressure water cleaner.  

Stage 4.

Roof cleaning can be extremely popular with people about to market their property, due to the hugely transformed street appeal. At Roofline we have over 20 years trade experience directly in roof cleaning, fine-tuned specialists who you can trust. Look no further for your roof cleaning requirements.

Roof cleaning can be very popular with people considering selling their propert  

Roof Cleaning Tips

Regular roof cleaning can prevent problems sneaking up, or even serious damage to the roof and its various components.

Algae build-up is a common issue as it leads to black patches on the roof. The best ways to remove algae are pressure washing (for metal or tiled roofs) or chemical washing (suitable for most types of roofs).

It’s always best to have a professional conduct roof cleaning. However, homeowners who want to undertake the job themselves can hire a pressure washer from an equipment hire store.

An appropriate roof cleaning solution should be obtained. Homeowners who are carrying out the DIY roof cleaning job themselves should make sure that they have adequate protective equipment such as protective eye glasses and gloves before getting started.

Start at the top of the roof before moving slowly down to the rest, applying the wand selectively to avoid damaging the roof. Keep in mind that a roof surface can become extremely slippery when wet so take special care.

Organizing a roof clean before winter helps to deter the growth of fungi and prevent debris from being washed into gutters. If a roof maintenance company performs this task, the roof can simultaneously be inspected and a quote provided for any repairs that may be needed.

The inspection and cleaning of gutters is vital as clogged gutters and downpipes can cause as much damage as a leaking roof.