Quality Roof Restoration in Sydney

Quality Roof Restoration in Sydney

Restoring a Roof

Restoration can involve replacing individual tiles, pressure cleaning, surface spraying, priming and sealing tiles, and recolouring. Roof coatings can be a good option to consider as these are designed to protect the roof tiles while creating an insulating effect for the home, thereby reducing cooling costs.

Common Problems

Common roofing problems that homeowners should look out for include loose roof caps, lichen, moss, fungus, and general damage. It’s handy to understand the various roof components such as the covering, fascia, trusses, guttering, and downpipes so you can spot issues easier.

A well-maintained roof keeps residents safe, has the potential to reduce energy bills and […]

Roof Painting

The finish provided from a reputable applicator will far exceed that of someone less experienced. Film thickness is essential to the longevity of the coating, skimp here and you will find your colour fading away sooner than you think. While some tradies may try to save a buck or two by not applying the correct amount of membrane, it’s the customer who is left well short. […]

Roof Cleaning

Harmful chemicals like chlorine and acid can have a detrimental effect on your gutters and surrounding property. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. An appropriate roof cleaning solution is essential to a positive result. Applied first before the pressure wash, this holds the key to a longer lasting cleaner roof. […]

Cool Roof Membrane

Is your house drawing unnecessary heat from the roof cavity? Well here’s the answer. A heat reflective coating that actually helps reduce roof space heat and reduces all your cooling costs. […]

Dulux Roof Membrane – Colour Chart

With the best material on the market applied by accredited applicators, choose a colour that works with your homes colour scheme, or why not go for a complete change? […]

New Look Roof Restoration

When the pointing is applied after the membrane you need an experienced tradesman’s touch. Someone with less experience and know how can turn this fine art into a disaster. We have the trade experience that matters. Watch and learn.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Don’t trust your biggest asset to anybody but the professionals. Terracotta tiles can be any expensive option when building. The correct upkeep and repair by qualified contractors is essential to the appeal of your terracotta tiles. Call the professionals with years of experience restoring all types of terracotta roofs. See how it’s done.

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

Don’t be fooled into thinking that quality costs less. Too many times we see first hand the result of unqualified operators, delivering cheap and nasty workmanship. The telegraph poles are littered with signs offering roof painting from $1400. Usually the coating alone costs more than this, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see this is a scam. See how a roof should be restored.