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  • Roof Restoration
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Rebedding and Repointing
  • All General Repairs & Maintenance
  • Gutter & Valley Replacements
  • Leak Detection & Rectification
  • Whirlybird Roof Ventilators
  • Colorbond and Tile Re-Roofing
Dulux Acra-tex

We offer a 7 year workmanship and a 10 year product guarantee on every roof restoration project.

  • We use only the finest available materials
  • We are an Accredited Dulux Applicator #RO428
  • We use Bluescope Steel products & Shieldcoat Flexible Pointing Compounds
  • Our tradesmen are fully insured, qualified & practice workplace safety methods
  • We are experienced and licensed. License #217961C

Contracting a Roof Restoration Professional

Screen any roof restoration professional you’re considering carefully before agreeing to their service contract. Homeowners will want to compare quotes, review experience and qualifications, and check that the roofer has the right license. Anyone hired for such work should also have insurance.

Working on roofs can be dangerous, whether it is maintenance or repair work that is being carried out. Homeowners should make sure that their roof cleaners and repairers have insurance. This reduces the financial risk for both the homeowner and the repairer.

Most people understand the basic components of roofs such as tiles, spouting and gutters. However, the finer points of roof maintenance remain unclear for many.

Whether it is clogged gutters, broken downpipes, cracked tiles, or some other problem, checking and repairing a roof without the right experience and equipment can be dangerous.

Some of the most common issues encountered by homeowners include sagging, buckling, uneven or loose tiles. Leaking, flashing, and waterproofing. A roof repairer can check out related issues such as chimney, gutter, and downpipe damage.

As with any other trade service, homeowners should shop around before they contract a roof repairer. Ask for quotations and search for testimonials. Roof repairers should have all the necessary qualifications, experience, and knowledge to carry out the job.

Roof damage is not always preventable and it isn’t restricted to harsh winter conditions. Flooding due to rain can also be a financial drain, so hiring a professional to check for any roof problems before the rain comes can save money long term, according to the personal finance website.

During the summer months is a cause for concern, as inadequate ventilation may lead to dry rot and subsequent leaks. Ensuring that home insurance is sufficient for any of the above possibilities is crucial to avoid large bills due to roof damage, as roof repairs can run into thousands of dollars.





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