Is your house drawing unnecessary heat from the roof cavity? Well here’s the answer. A heat reflective coating that actually helps reduce roof space heat and reduces all your cooling costs.

Recent technology has had a major influence on the Roof restoration industry. Roofline provides you with the option of restoring your roof using the markets premium heat reflective coating.

  • Dulux® AcraTex® InfraCOOL™ technology REDUCES surface temperatures by maximising reflectance of the infra-red portion of the Suns energy.
  • By reducing heat penetration, Air-conditioning running times are reduced thus saving energy costs.
  • Less use of air-conditioning reduces power consumption and the associated greenhouse gasses to generate it. That’s good for the environment and for you.
  • Higher solar reflection means lower surface temperature. By repelling heat in the first instance, less heat is transferred in the roof and living space.
  • When restoring your roof Roofline will not substitute with an inferior coating. This is why we only use Dulux Acra Tex roof membranes.